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Noun point has 24 senses
  1. point - a geometric element that has position but no extension; "a point is defined by its coordinates"
    --1 is a kind of
    component, constituent, element, factor, ingredient
    --1 has particulars:
     attractor, attracter; intersection, intersection point, point of intersection; intercept
  2. point - the precise location of something; a spatially limited location; "she walked to a point where she could survey the whole street"
    --2 is a kind of
    --2 has particulars:
     punctum; blind spot, optic disc, optic disk; navel, umbilicus, bellybutton, omphalos, omphalus; McBurney's point; node; antinode; beginning, origin, root, rootage, source; celestial point; center, centre, midpoint; trichion, crinion; chokepoint; corner; crossing; focus; geographic point, geographical point; ground zero; hot spot, hotspot; midair; abutment; position, place; position; pressure point; military position, position; corner; topographic point, place, spot; vanishing point; focus, focal point; hilum; focus, focal point, nidus
  3. point - a brief version of the essential meaning of something; "get to the point"; "he missed the point of the joke"; "life has lost its point"
    --3 is a kind of
    meaning, significance, signification, import
    --3 has particulars:
     bottom line; crux, crux of the matter; rallying point; talking point
  4. degree, level, stage, point - a specific identifiable position in a continuum or series or especially in a process; "a remarkable degree of frankness"; "at what stage are the social sciences?"
    --4 is a kind of state
    --4 has particulars:
     ladder; acme, height, elevation, peak, pinnacle, summit, superlative, top; extent; resultant, end point; standard of living, standard of life; plane; state of the art; ultimacy, ultimateness; quickening; climax
  5. detail, item, point - an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole; "several of the details are similar"; "a point of information"
    --5 is a kind of fact
    --5 has particulars:
     minutia; nook and cranny, nooks and crannies; respect, regard; sticking point; technicality, trifle, triviality
  6. point, point in time - an instant of time; "at that point I had to leave"
    --6 is a kind of measure, quantity, amount
    --6 has particulars:
     distance; date; deadline; arrival time, time of arrival; departure time, time of departure; midterm; term, full term; midterm; moment, minute, second, instant; run-time; beginning, commencement, first, outset, get-go, start, kickoff, starting time, showtime, offset; middle; end, ending; phase, phase angle; show time; then
  7. point - the object of an activity; "what is the point of discussing it?"
    --7 is a kind of
    aim, object, objective, target
  8. point, tip, peak - a V shape; "the cannibal's teeth were filed to sharp points"
    --8 is a kind of convex shape, convexity
    --8 is a part of
     cone, conoid, cone shape; alpenstock; sword, blade, brand, steel; pencil; arrowhead; knife
    --8 has particulars: widow's peak; cusp; head
    Derived form: verb point12
  9. point, dot - a very small circular shape; "a row of points"; "draw lines between the dots"
    --9 is a kind of disk, disc, saucer
    Derived forms: verb point9, verb point8, verb point7
  10. point - the unit of counting in scoring a game or contest; "he scored 20 points in the first half"; "a touchdown counts 6 points"
    --10 is a kind of
    unit of measurement, unit
    --10 is a part of score
    --10 has particulars: advantage; set point; match point
  11. point - a promontory extending out into a large body of water; "they sailed south around the point"
    --11 is a kind of
    promontory, headland, foreland
  12. item, point - a distinct part that can be specified separately in a group of things that could be enumerated on a list; "he noticed an item in the New York Times"; "she had several items on her shopping list"; "the main point on the agenda was taken up first"
    --12 is a kind of part, portion, component part, component
    --12 is a part of list, listing
    --12 has particulars:
     agenda item; incidental; inventory item; line item; news item; place, position
  13. point - a style in speech or writing that arrests attention and has a penetrating or convincing quality or effect
    --13 is a kind of
    relevance, relevancy
  14. point, spot - an outstanding characteristic; "his acting was one of the high points of the movie"
    --14 is a kind of characteristic
  15. point - sharp end; "he stuck the point of the knife into a tree"; "he broke the point of his pencil"
    --15 is a kind of
    --15 is a part of
     awl; icepick, ice pick; knife; needle; pencil; pin
    --15 has particulars:
     arrowhead; barb; barb; cusp; diamond point; nib, pen nib; pike; pinpoint; spearhead, spearpoint, spear-point
    Derived form: verb point12
  16. compass point, point - any of 32 horizontal directions indicated on the card of a compass; "he checked the point on his compass"
    --16 is a kind of direction
    --16 has particulars:
     cardinal compass point; north by east, NbE; north northeast, nor'-nor'-east, NNE; northeast by north, NEbN; northeast, nor'-east, NE; northeast by east, NEbE; east northeast, ENE; east by north, EbN; east by south, EbS; east southeast, ESE; southeast by east, SEbE; southeast, sou'-east, SE; southeast by south, SEbS; south southeast, sou'-sou'-east, SSE; south by east, SbE; south by west, SbW; south southwest, sou'-sou'-west, SSW; southwest by south, SWbS; southwest, sou'-west, SW; southwest by west, SWbW; west southwest, WSW; west by south, WbS; west by north, WbN; west northwest, WNW; northwest by west, NWbW; northwest, nor'-west, NW; northwest by north, NWbN; north northwest, nor'-nor'-west, NNW; north by west, NbW
  17. point - a linear unit used to measure the size of type; approximately 1/72 inch
    --17 is a kind of
    linear unit
    --17 is a part of em, pica em, pica
  18. period, point, full stop, stop, full point - a punctuation mark (.) placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations; "in England they call a period a stop"
    --18 is a kind of punctuation, punctuation mark
    --18 has particulars: suspension point
    Derived forms: verb point9, verb point8, verb point7
  19. point, head - a V-shaped mark at one end of an arrow pointer; "the point of the arrow was due north"
    --19 is a kind of mark
    --19 is a part of arrow, pointer
  20. point, pointedness - the property of a shape that tapers to a sharp point
    --20 is a kind of taper
    Derived form: verb point12
  21. point - a distinguishing or individuating characteristic; "he knows my bad points as well as my good points"
    --21 is a kind of
    --21 has particulars: selling point
  22. point, gunpoint - the gun muzzle's direction; "he held me up at the point of a gun"
    --22 is a kind of gun muzzle, muzzle
    Derived form: verb point10
  23. point, power point - a wall socket
    --23 is a kind of wall socket, wall plug, electric outlet, electrical outlet, outlet, electric receptacle
  24. distributor point, breaker point, point - a contact in the distributor; as the rotor turns its projecting arm contacts distributor points and current flows to the spark plugs
    --24 is a kind of contact, tangency
    --24 is a part of distributor, distributer, electrical distributor
Verb point has 13 senses
  1. indicate, point, show - indicate a place, direction, person, or thing; either spatially or figuratively; "I showed the customer the glove section"; "He pointed to the empty parking space"; "he indicated his opponents"
    --1 is one way to inform
    Derived forms: noun pointer1, noun pointer3, noun pointer2
    Sample sentences:
    Somebody ----s something
    Something ----s something
    Somebody ----s somebody something
    Somebody ----s something to somebody
    Somebody ----s that CLAUSE
  2. orient, point - be oriented; "The weather vane points North"
    --2 is one way to lie
    Derived forms: noun pointer1, noun pointer2
    Sample sentence:
    Something is ----ing PP
  3. charge, level, point - direct into a position for use; "point a gun"; "He charged his weapon at me"
    --3 is one way to aim, take, train, take aim, direct
    Sample sentences:
    Somebody ----s
    Somebody ----s PP
  4. steer, maneuver, manoeuver, manoeuvre, direct, point, head, guide, channelize, channelise - direct the course; determine the direction of travelling
    --4 is one way to control, command
    Sample sentences:
    Somebody ----s
    Somebody ----s something
    Somebody ----s something PP
  5. bespeak, betoken, indicate, point, signal - be a signal for or a symptom of; "These symptoms indicate a serious illness"; "Her behavior points to a severe neurosis"; "The economic indicators signal that the euro is undervalued"
    --5 is one way to tell
    Sample sentences:
    Something ----s something
    => Something is ----ing PP
  6. luff, point - sail close to the wind
    --6 is one way to sail
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s
  7. point - mark (Hebrew words) with diacritics
    --7 is one way to
    tag, label, mark
    Derived forms: noun point18, noun point9
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s something
  8. point - mark with diacritics; "point the letter"
    --8 is one way to
    tag, label, mark
    Derived forms: noun point18, noun point9
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s something
  9. point - mark (a psalm text) to indicate the points at which the music changes
    --9 is one way to
    tag, label, mark
    Derived forms: noun point18, noun point9
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s something
  10. point - be positionable in a specified manner; "The gun points with ease"
    --10 is one way to
    Derived forms: noun point22, noun pointer1, noun pointer3, noun pointer2
    Sample sentences:
    Something is ----ing PP
    Something ----s Adjective/Noun
  11. target, aim, place, direct, point - intend (something) to move towards a certain goal; "He aimed his fists towards his opponent's face"; "criticism directed at her superior"; "direct your anger towards others, not towards yourself"
    --11 is one way to aim, take, train, take aim, direct
    Sample sentences:
    Somebody ----s something
    Somebody ----s somebody
    => Somebody ----s PP
  12. sharpen, taper, point - give a point to; "The candles are tapered"
    --12 is one way to change shape, change form, deform
    Derived forms: noun point8, noun point15, noun point20
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s something
  13. point, repoint - repair the joints of bricks; "point a chimney"
    --13 is one way to repair, mend, fix, bushel, doctor, furbish up, restore, touch on
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s something
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