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natural event

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Noun natural event has 1 sense
  1. happening, occurrence, natural event - an event that happens
    --1 is a kind of event
    --1 has particulars:
     accompaniment, concomitant, co-occurrence; avalanche; experience; trouble; treat; miracle; wonder, marvel; thing; episode; eventuality, contingency, contingence; beginning; ending, conclusion, finish; one-off; periodic event, recurrent event; change, alteration, modification; error, computer error; accident, fortuity, chance event; fire; incident; discharge; case, instance, example; movement, motion; failure; success; appearance; destiny, fate; disappearance; contact, impinging, striking; finish; interruption, break; sound; union; news event; flash; convergence; juncture, occasion; outburst, burst, flare-up; outbreak, eruption, irruption; reverse, reversal, setback, blow, black eye; boom, bonanza, gold rush, gravy, godsend, manna from heaven, windfall, bunce; crash, collapse; supervention
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