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Noun daub has 3 senses
  1. daub - material used to daub walls
    --1 is a kind of
    Derived forms: verb daub2, verb daub3, verb daub1
  2. smudge, spot, blot, daub, smear, smirch, slur - a blemish made by dirt; "he had a smudge on his cheek"
    --2 is a kind of blemish, defect, mar
    --2 has particulars:
     blotch, splodge, splotch; fingermark, fingerprint; inkblot
  3. daub - an unskillful painting
    --3 is a kind of
    painting, picture
Verb daub has 3 senses
  1. plaster, daub - coat with plaster; "daub the wall"
    --1 is one way to coat, surface
    Derived forms: noun daub1, noun daubing1
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s something
  2. daub - apply to a surface; "daub paint onto the wall"
    --2 is one way to
    put on, apply
    Derived form: noun daub1
    Sample sentences:
    They daub the bread with melted butter
    They daub butter on the bread
  3. daub, smear - cover (a surface) by smearing (a substance) over it; "smear the wall with paint"; "daub the ceiling with plaster"
    --3 is one way to cover
    Derived forms: noun daub1, noun dauber1
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s something PP
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