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Noun rivet has 2 senses
  1. stud, rivet - ornament consisting of a circular rounded protuberance (as on a vault or shield or belt)
    --1 is a kind of decoration, ornament, ornamentation
  2. rivet - heavy pin having a head at one end and the other end being hammered flat after being passed through holes in the pieces that are fastened together
    --2 is a kind of
    --2 has part: clinch
    Derived form: verb rivet2
Verb rivet has 3 senses
  1. concentrate, focus, center, centre, pore, rivet - direct one's attention on something; "Please focus on your studies and not on your hobbies"
    --1 is one way to think, cogitate, cerebrate
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s on something
  2. rivet - fasten with a rivet or rivets
    --2 is one way to
    fasten, fix, secure
    Derived forms: noun rivet2, noun rivetter1, noun rivetter2, noun riveter1, noun riveter2
    Sample sentences:
    Somebody ----s something
    Somebody ----s something PP
  3. rivet - hold (someone's attention); "The discovery of the skull riveted the paleontologists"
    --3 is one way to
    absorb, engross, engage, occupy
    Sample sentences:
    Something ----s somebody
    Something ----s something
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