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Noun positron has 1 sense
  1. positron, antielectron - an elementary particle with positive charge; interaction of a positron and an electron results in annihilation
    --1 is a kind of antilepton

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A positron is a subatomic particle that has the same mass as an electron, but carries a positive charge.


Sense 1:

In physics, positrons are antiparticles of electrons with an equal mass, but with opposite charge.

Sample Sentence 1: Positrons are frequently encountered in particle physics experiments.

Sample Sentence 2: The collision of a positron and an electron annihilates both particles.

Sense 2:

In medical imaging, positrons are used in positron emission tomography (PET) scans to detect abnormalities and diseases.

Sample Sentence 1: The PET scan revealed the presence of cancer cells through the detection of positrons.

Sample Sentence 2: Positrons emitted by the radioactive substance in the patient's body were detected by the PET scanner.


Usage 1 - Popular:

Positrons are widely used in scientific research, medical imaging, and experimental physics.

Sample Sentence 1: The research team utilized positrons to study the behavior of particles in extreme conditions.

Sample Sentence 2: The development of new positron-based imaging techniques has revolutionized medical diagnostics.

Usage 2 - Local:

In the local scientific community, positrons are investigated for their potential applications in energy production and materials science.

Sample Sentence 1: The local university has a dedicated research facility for studying the behavior of positrons in materials.

Sample Sentence 2: Local researchers are exploring the use of positrons in developing more efficient solar panels.

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