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Definitions from WordNet

Noun moonbeam has 1 sense
  1. moonbeam, moon ray, moon-ray - a ray of moonlight
    --1 is a kind of beam, beam of light, light beam, ray, ray of light, shaft, shaft of light, irradiation
    --1 is a part of moonlight, moonshine, moon

Definitions from the Web



  • a ray of moonlight

Example sentences:

  1. The mystical forest was bathed in moonbeams, creating an enchanting ambiance.
  2. I followed the moonbeam as it illuminated the path through the dark night.


  • to move gracefully and swiftly, like a beam of moonlight

Example sentence:

  1. Her white dress flowed elegantly as she moonbeamed across the dance floor.


  • suggestive of the delicate and ethereal nature of moonlight

Example sentence:

  1. The serene lakeside bathed in the moonbeam glow, creating a picturesque scene.

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