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Definitions from WordNet

Noun dohickey has 1 sense
  1. dohickey, dojigger, doodad, doohickey, gimmick, hickey, gizmo, gismo, gubbins, thingamabob, thingumabob, thingmabob, thingamajig, thingumajig, thingmajig, thingummy - something whose name is either forgotten or not known
    --1 is a kind of whatchamacallit, stuff, whatsis, sundry, sundries

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Part of Speech:



A small, often unidentifiable object or gadget, typically used for a specific purpose but not named specifically.

Sense 1:

A small device or tool used to perform a specific task or function.

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Sample Sentences:
  1. She always carries a dohickey in her purse to tighten loose screws.
  2. I can never find the right dohickey to fix this old radio.
  3. Could you hand me that dohickey over there? I need it to open this jar.
Sense 2:

An unknown or unspecified object or thing.

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Sample Sentences:
  1. What's that little dohickey in the corner of the screen? It keeps blinking.
  2. He presses a dohickey on his keychain, and his car doors unlock.
  3. The manual referred to a dohickey we couldn't find anywhere in the engine.
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