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Noun clowning has 2 senses
  1. buffoonery, clowning, frivolity, harlequinade, prank - acting like a clown or buffoon
    --1 is a kind of folly, foolery, tomfoolery, craziness, lunacy, indulgence
    --1 has particulars: shtik, schtik, shtick, schtick
    Derived form: verb clown1
  2. drollery, clowning, comedy, funniness - a comic incident or series of incidents
    --2 is a kind of fun, play, sport
    Derived form: verb clown1
Verb clown has 1 sense
  1. clown, clown around, antic - act as or like a clown
    --1 is one way to joke, jest
    Derived forms: noun clown2, noun clowning2, noun clowning1
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s
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