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Adjective affirmative has 3 senses
  1. affirmative, affirmatory - affirming or giving assent; "an affirmative decision"; "affirmative votes"; "an affirmative nod"; "an affirmatory gesture"
    Antonyms: negative, dissentient, dissenting, dissident, dismissive
  2. affirmative, optimistic - expecting the best; "an affirmative outlook"
    Antonym: negative (indirect, via neutral, positive)
    Antonym: neutral (indirect, via positive, negative)
  3. affirmative, favoring - supporting a policy or attitude etc; "an affirmative argument"
    Antonym: anti (indirect, via pro)
affiramtive affirm affirmable affirmately affirmation affirmations affirmativae affirmative-action affirmative affirmative action affirmative pleading affirmative s affirmatively affirmativeness affirmatives affirmatory affirmed

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