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Definitions from WordNet

Noun yardmaster has 1 sense
  1. yardmaster, trainmaster, train dispatcher - a railroad employer who is in charge of a railway yard
    --1 is a kind of dispatcher; trainman, railroader, railroad man, railwayman, railway man

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A yardmaster is a person who oversees and manages the activities in a railroad yard, ensuring efficient movement of trains, organizing the placement of cars, and coordinating the work of various crew members.

Part of Speech:


Sense 1:

A person who supervises and directs operations in a railroad yard.

Sample Sentence:

The yardmaster efficiently organized the arrival and departure of trains, ensuring smooth operations in the railroad yard.

Sense 2:

A title given to an experienced railroad worker with extensive knowledge of yard operations.

Sample Sentence:

After years of dedicated service, he was promoted to yardmaster, responsible for training new employees and overseeing complex operations.

Sense 3:

(Informal) A person with excellent organizational skills who manages and controls various activities or projects.

Sample Sentence:

She is the yardmaster of our team, meticulously organizing and delegating tasks to ensure the project is completed successfully.

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