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Noun yardage has 1 sense
  1. yardage - distance measured in the aggregate number of yards; "what is the yardage of this golf course?"
    --1 is a kind of

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Part of Speech: Noun

Sense 1: The measurement or amount of material or fabric in yards.

Example Sentence 1: The tailor asked for the customer's body measurements and the desired yardage for the dress.

Example Sentence 2: The curtain shop offered a discount on yardage for upholstery fabrics.

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Sense 2: The total distance covered by a sports team or individual in yards.

Example Sentence 1: The football team's yardage in the last game was less than impressive.

Example Sentence 2: The golfer's yardage off the tee was consistently impressive.

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Sense 3: A golf course measurement indicating the distance from the tee to the hole.

Example Sentence 1: Professional golfers rely on accurate yardage markers on the course for precise shot selection.

Example Sentence 2: The caddie provided the player with the accurate yardage for the next hole.

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Sense 4: The act or process of counting or calculating in yards.

Example Sentence 1: The students were challenged with a yardage conversion problem during math class.

Example Sentence 2: The construction workers estimated the yardage of concrete needed to complete the foundation.

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