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Noun wealth has 4 senses
  1. wealth, wealthiness - the state of being rich and affluent; having a plentiful supply of material goods and money; "great wealth is not a sign of great intelligence"
    --1 is a kind of financial condition, economic condition
    Antonyms: poverty, poorness, impoverishment
    --1 has particulars:
     circumstances; affluence, richness; inherited wealth; luxury, luxuriousness, opulence, sumptuousness; mammon; sufficiency
  2. wealth - the quality of profuse abundance; "she has a wealth of talent"
    --2 is a kind of
    abundance, copiousness, teemingness
  3. wealth, riches - an abundance of material possessions and resources
    --3 is a kind of material resource
    --3 has particulars: gold; treasure, hoarded wealth
  4. wealth - property that has economic utility: a monetary value or an exchange value
    --4 is a kind of
    property, belongings, holding, material possession
    --4 has particulars: money
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