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Adjective unsure has 3 senses
  1. uncertain, unsure, incertain - lacking or indicating lack of confidence or assurance; "uncertain of his convictions"; "unsure of himself and his future"; "moving with uncertain (or unsure) steps"; "an uncertain smile"; "touched the ornaments with uncertain fingers"
    Antonyms: certain, sure, convinced, positive, confident
  2. uncertain, unsure - not safe from danger or mishap; "faced an uncertain future"; "an unsure existence"
    Antonym: secure (indirect, via insecure)
  3. diffident, shy, timid, unsure - lacking self-confidence; "stood in the doorway diffident and abashed"; "problems that call for bold not timid responses"; "a very unsure young man"
    Antonym: confident (indirect, via unconfident)
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