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Adjective convinced has 2 senses
  1. convinced - having a strong belief or conviction; "a convinced and fanatical pacifist"
    unconvinced, dubious
  2. convinced, positive, confident - persuaded of; very sure; "were convinced that it would be to their advantage to join"; "I am positive he is lying"; "was confident he would win"
    Antonyms: uncertain, unsure, incertain (indirect, via certain, sure)
    Antonyms: uncertain, unsure, incertain (indirect, via certain, sure)
Verb convince has 1 sense
  1. convert, win over, convince - make (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something; "He had finally convinced several customers of the advantages of his product"
    --1 is one way to persuade
    Sample sentence:
    They convince him to write the letter
convienience convienient convient convies convilacted convinance convince convince convinced convinced predicate convincedly convincedness convinces convincibility convincibilitys convincible convincing

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