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Noun turnaround has 5 senses
  1. turnaround, turnaround time - time need to prepare a vessel or ship for a return trip
    --1 is a kind of work time
  2. reversal, change of mind, flip-flop, turnabout, turnaround - a decision to reverse an earlier decision
    --2 is a kind of decision making, deciding
    --2 has particulars: reconsideration, second thought, afterthought, rethink
  3. turnaround - an area sufficiently large for a vehicle to turn around
    --3 is a kind of
    --3 is a part of road, route; driveway, drive, private road
  4. turnaround, turnround - act or process of unloading and loading and servicing a vessel or aircraft for a return trip
    --4 is a kind of preparation, readying
  5. reversion, reverse, reversal, turnabout, turnaround - turning in the opposite direction
    --5 is a kind of change of direction, reorientation
    --5 has particulars: about-face, about turn; u-turn
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