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Adjective tangible has 5 senses
  1. tangible - perceptible by the senses especially the sense of touch; "skin with a tangible roughness"
    intangible, impalpable
  2. real, tangible - possible to be treated as fact; "tangible evidence"; "his brief time as Prime Minister brought few real benefits to the poor"
    Antonym: abstract (indirect, via concrete)
  3. tangible - (of especially business assets) having physical substance and intrinsic monetary value ; "tangible property like real estate"; "tangible assets such as machinery"
  4. palpable, tangible - capable of being perceived by the senses or the mind; especially capable of being handled or touched or felt; "a barely palpable dust"; "felt sudden anger in a palpable wave"; "the air was warm and close--palpable as cotton"
  5. physical, tangible, touchable - having substance or material existence; perceptible to the senses; "a physical manifestation"; "surrounded by tangible objects"
    Antonyms: immaterial, nonmaterial (indirect, via material)
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