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sundry debitors


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Sundry Debitors


Sundry Debitors refers to a financial term used in accounting to categorize a variety of customers or entities who owe money to a business. These debtors are typically listed individually and are distinguished by their diverse nature or lack of a specific category.

Common Usage:

1. Noun (Plural Form):

In accounting, sundry debitors are a key part of a company's accounts receivable. They encompass a wide range of customers and entities that owe money to the company for various products or services provided. Sundry debitors are generally listed separately to ensure proper tracking and management of individual debts.

Example Sentence: The company's financial statements showed a long list of sundry debitors, each with different outstanding balances.

2. Adjective:

When used as an adjective, sundry debitors denotes various or miscellaneous debtors without being specific about their details or categories.

Example Sentence: The company's books included sundry debitors, encompassing a diverse group of customers from different industries.

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