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Part of speech: Adjective, Noun

Sense 1: Various or diverse; not specified or particular.

Example sentence 1: The store sells sundry items such as clothing, home decor, and kitchen appliances.

Example sentence 2: The sundry tasks assigned to me at work include answering emails, filing documents, and organizing meetings.

Sense 2: Of or relating to a miscellaneous assortment of items.

Example sentence 1: The thrift shop had a table filled with sundry trinkets, books, and household goods.

Example sentence 2: The treasure chest contained a sundry collection of old coins, seashells, and postcards.

Part of speech: Noun

Sense 1: An assortment or variety of small, unrelated items or objects.

Example sentence 1: The snack platter included a sundry of cheeses, fruits, nuts, and crackers.

Example sentence 2: The gift basket was filled with a sundry of chocolates, jams, and teas.

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