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Noun silents has 1 sense
  1. silent movie, silent picture, silents - a movie without a soundtrack
    --1 is a kind of movie, film, picture, moving picture, moving-picture show, motion picture, motion-picture show, picture show, pic, flick

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Silents refer to films that were produced during the early era of cinema, characterized by the absence of synchronized sound.


Sense 1:

Noun: Silent films; movies produced without synchronized sound.

Example sentence: The silents of the 1920s were an important milestone in the history of cinema.

Sense 2:

Adjective: Describing something or someone that does not make any sound.

Example sentence: The serenity of the forest was interrupted only by the silents footsteps of the animals.


Usage 1:

Local usage: In certain communities, the term "silents" might refer to a gathering or social event where participants communicate without using words.

Example sentence: The monthly silents at the local art center allows people to express themselves through actions and expressions.

Usage 2:

Popular usage: Silents can also be used to describe a period of silence or tranquility.

Example sentence: After a long day at work, she enjoyed sitting in her backyard and embracing the silents of the evening.

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