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Part of Speech: Noun

Sewagw refers to a type of compact disc (CD) that contains audio recordings of speeches, music, or other forms of audio content.

Sample Sentence 1: The sewagw I bought is a compilation of the greatest hits from the 80s.

Sample Sentence 2: She gifted me a sewagw of motivational speeches to uplift my spirits.

Part of Speech: Verb

As a verb, sewagw means to sew or mend something using a sewing machine or by hand.

Sample Sentence 1: I need to sewagw the torn seam on my favorite dress before wearing it to the party.

Sample Sentence 2: After learning to sew, she enjoys sewagwing unique patches onto her denim jacket.

Part of Speech: Adjective

Used as an adjective, sewagw describes something that is characteristic of or related to sewagw or sewing.

Sample Sentence 1: Her sewagw skills are unparalleled; she can create beautiful garments in no time.

Sample Sentence 2: The fashion show showcased a collection of sewagw creations inspired by vintage designs.

Part of Speech: Adverb

As an adverb, sewagw modifies a verb and indicates that something is done in a manner related to sewing.

Sample Sentence 1: She carefully and sewagwly stitched the intricate embroidery onto the fabric.

Sample Sentence 2: The tailor efficiently sewagwly adjusted the measurements of the customer's outfit.

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