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reasonable care


Definitions from WordNet

Noun reasonable care has 1 sense
  1. due care, ordinary care, reasonable care - the care that a reasonable man would exercise under the circumstances; the standard for determining legal duty
    --1 is a kind of care, charge, tutelage, guardianship

Definitions from the Web

Reasonable Care


Reasonable care refers to the level of caution and prudence that a responsible person would exercise in a similar situation. It is a legal standard used to assess negligence or liability. In everyday life, reasonable care implies taking reasonable precautions to prevent harm or damage.


  1. As a doctor, you are expected to provide reasonable care to your patients.
  2. The driver was found liable for the accident as he failed to exercise reasonable care while operating the vehicle.
  3. Landlords have a duty to maintain their properties and ensure reasonable care is taken to avoid injuries to tenants.
  4. When handling fragile items, it is important to handle them with reasonable care to avoid breakage.

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