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Reasoing (noun): the act or process of using logical thinking and gathered information to form conclusions or judgments.

Reasoing (verb): to engage in the act of logical thinking and forming conclusions based on evidence and information.


Sense 1:

(noun) The use of logical thinking to analyze information and make judgments.

Example sentence: Her impeccable reasoing skills allow her to solve any problem efficiently.

Sense 2:

(verb) To employ logical thinking to arrive at conclusions or make informed decisions.

Example sentence: The detective spent hours reasoing the evidence before finally solving the complex murder case.


Popular usage:

Reasoing is a fundamental cognitive process that forms the basis of rational and logical thinking.

Example sentence: Critical thinking requires strong reasoing abilities to examine arguments and reach well-supported conclusions.

Local usage:

In the local debate club, members are encouraged to enhance their reasoing skills in order to present persuasive arguments.

Example sentence: The local philosophy forum hosts engaging discussions where participants demonstrate their reasoing expertise.

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