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radium therapy


Definitions from WordNet

Noun radium therapy has 1 sense
  1. radium therapy, Curietherapy - the use of radium in radiation therapy
    --1 is a kind of radiotherapy, radiation therapy, radiation, actinotherapy, irradiation

Definitions from the Web

Radium Therapy


Radium therapy refers to the medical practice of using radioactive material, specifically radium, for therapeutic purposes. It was a popular form of treatment in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Senses and Usages:

Sense 1:

Noun - Medical Treatment

Sample Sentence: Radium therapy was commonly used in the early 1900s to treat various conditions such as cancer and arthritis.

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Sense 2:

Noun - Historical Context

Sample Sentence: In the past, radium therapy was considered a breakthrough treatment, but its usage declined with the discovery of other more effective and safer therapies.

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Sense 3:

Noun - Local Application

Sample Sentence: Radium therapy can also refer to the topical application of radium-infused products for localized treatments, commonly used in skincare.

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