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Noun pocketbook has 4 senses
  1. pocketbook - your personal financial means; "that car is too expensive for my pocketbook"
    --1 is a kind of
    means, substance
  2. wallet, billfold, notecase, pocketbook - a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money
    --2 is a kind of case
  3. pocketbook, pocket book, pocket edition - pocket-sized paperback book
    --3 is a kind of paperback book, paper-back book, paperback, softback book, softback, soft-cover book, soft-cover
  4. bag, handbag, pocketbook, purse - a bag used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women); "she reached into her bag and found a comb"
    --4 is a kind of container
    --4 has parts: clasp
    --4 has particulars: clutch bag; etui; evening bag; reticule; shoulder bag
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