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optical opacity


Definitions from WordNet

Noun optical opacity has 1 sense
  1. optical opacity - opacity to light
    --1 is a kind of

Definitions from the Web

Optical Opacity


Optical opacity refers to the characteristic of a material or substance that prevents light from passing through it, making it appear opaque.


Sense 1:

Optical opacity is a term used in physics to describe the property of a material that absorbs or scatters light, rendering it non-translucent.

Example sentence: The optical opacity of the black velvet fabric made it impossible for light to penetrate through.

Sense 2:

In medical examinations, optical opacity relates to the inability of light to pass through certain tissues or fluids, affecting the clarity of imaging or diagnostic procedures.

Example sentence: The doctor had difficulty obtaining accurate images due to the optical opacity caused by the presence of blood in the patient's eye.


Usage 1:

Optical opacity can be a desirable feature in certain cosmetic products as it helps in providing fuller coverage and hiding imperfections.

Example sentence: This foundation offers excellent optical opacity, giving a flawless complexion.

Usage 2:

Optical opacity in architectural glass is used to ensure privacy while allowing natural light to enter a space.

Example sentence: The bathroom windows were constructed with glass of high optical opacity, ensuring privacy from the outside.

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