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optical flint


Definitions from WordNet

Noun optical flint has 1 sense
  1. optical flint, flint glass - optical glass of high dispersion and high refractive index
    --1 is a kind of optical glass

Definitions from the Web

Optical Flint


Optical Flint refers to a type of glass that possesses excellent optical properties, primarily used in the manufacturing of lenses and prisms. It has a high refractive index and low dispersion, making it ideal for the construction of precision optics.


Sense 1: Material

In this sense, optical flint is a type of glass used in the production of optical components, such as lenses and prisms. It is known for its superior optical properties.

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Sample Sentence:

The photographer used a lens made of optical flint to capture the incredibly sharp and clear image.

Sense 2: Geological Formation

Optical flint can also refer to a specific type of flint, known for its translucent or transparent nature. It is often used in jewelry making or as a decorative material due to its unique colors and patterns.

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Sample Sentence:

The artisan expertly carved an intricate pendant from the mesmerizing optical flint.

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