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judicial doctrine


Definitions from WordNet

Noun judicial doctrine has 1 sense
  1. legal principle, judicial principle, judicial doctrine - (law) a principle underlying the formulation of jurisprudence
    --1 is a kind of principle
    --1 has particulars:
     jus sanguinis; jus soli; preemption, pre-emption; relation back, relation

Definitions from the Web

Judicial Doctrine

Definition: Judicial doctrine refers to a legal principle or rule created by judges through their interpretation and application of the law within the judicial system.

Sense 1: In a general sense, judicial doctrine encompasses a wide range of principles that guide judicial decision-making.

Example sentence: The judicial doctrine of stare decisis, which promotes consistency and predictability in the legal system, played a crucial role in the Supreme Court's ruling.

Sense 2: Often used more specifically, judicial doctrine can refer to a particular principle or rule established by a court that influences the interpretation of laws in a specific area of law.

Example sentence: The judicial doctrine of exigent circumstances allows law enforcement to enter a property without a warrant if there is an urgent need to prevent the destruction of evidence.

Sense 3: In a local context, judicial doctrine can refer to principles or rules specific to a particular jurisdiction or court system.

Example sentence: The local judicial doctrine in this state prioritizes community rehabilitation over punitive measures for certain nonviolent offenses.

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