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Noun iontophoresis has 1 sense
  1. iontophoresis, ionic medication, iontotherapy, electromotive drug administration, EMDA - therapy that uses a local electric current to introduce the ions of a medicine into the tissues
    --1 is a kind of therapy

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Iontophoresis refers to the medical process of delivering medication or other active substances through the skin using a mild electrical current.

Sense 1:

Noun: A therapeutic technique used to treat hyperhidrosis by applying a low-intensity electric current to the affected area.

Example sentence: The patient underwent iontophoresis sessions to effectively manage excessive sweating on the palms.

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Sense 2:

Noun: The process of introducing ions into a tissue or substance using an electric field.

Example sentence: Iontophoresis is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to deliver drugs through the skin for transdermal absorption.

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Sense 3:

Noun: A scientific method where ions are separated and moved through a solution by applying an electric field.

Example sentence: The chemical analysis required iontophoresis to separate and identify the different components present in the solution.

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