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electromotive drug administration


Definitions from WordNet

Noun electromotive drug administration has 1 sense
  1. iontophoresis, ionic medication, iontotherapy, electromotive drug administration, EMDA - therapy that uses a local electric current to introduce the ions of a medicine into the tissues
    --1 is a kind of therapy

Definitions from the Web

Electromotive Drug Administration

Definition: Electromotive Drug Administration refers to a technique that uses an electric current to enhance the delivery of medication through the skin, either by iontophoresis or electrophoresis.

Example sentences:

  1. The doctor recommended electromotive drug administration to improve the absorption of the medication.
  2. Electromotive drug administration has shown promising results in treating certain skin conditions.
  3. Using electromotive drug administration, the medication is delivered directly to the affected area, ensuring better therapeutic outcomes.

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