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foreboding antonyms


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Foreboding Antonyms


  • Noun: The opposite or contrasting words or expressions associated with the feeling of foreboding.
  • Adjective: Describing words that have an opposite or contrasting meaning to foreboding.
  • Verb: Actions or behaviors that are in contrast to the feeling of foreboding.



  • Example 1: Hopefulness, optimism, and joy are common foreboding antonyms.
  • Example 2: Love, excitement, and serenity are contrasting emotions that serve as foreboding antonyms.


  • Example 1: Instead of feeling foreboding, she felt a sense of relief and contentment.
  • Example 2: The atmosphere was not filled with foreboding, but rather calm and tranquility.


  • Example 1: He tried to reassure her and provide an alternative to the foreboding she felt.
  • Example 2: The group decided to counter their foreboding with acts of kindness and generosity.

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