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floating bridge


Definitions from WordNet

Noun floating bridge has 1 sense
  1. pontoon bridge, bateau bridge, floating bridge - a temporary bridge built over a series of pontoons
    --1 is a kind of bridge, span
    --1 has parts: pontoon

Definitions from the Web

Floating Bridge


A floating bridge refers to a temporary or permanent structure that is designed to support vehicular or pedestrian traffic over a body of water. It is typically constructed by floating pontoons or platforms, allowing stability and accessibility.


1. Noun - Permanent Structure:

In this sense, a floating bridge is a fixed infrastructure built to endure constant use, providing a reliable and efficient means of transportation across bodies of water or wetlands.

Example sentence:

The newly constructed floating bridge connects the two islands, enabling the residents to reach the mainland conveniently.

2. Noun - Temporary Structure:

Here, a floating bridge is a portable or mobile structure assembled during emergencies or special events to facilitate transportation for a short period of time. It is usually deployed swiftly and disassembled once the need is fulfilled.

Example sentence:

After the flood, the government dispatched a team to construct a floating bridge to help evacuate the stranded residents.

3. Adjective - Popular:

As an adjective, "floating bridge" can describe a type of guitar bridge widely used in electric and acoustic guitars. It allows the strings to be raised or lowered for convenient adjustments, enhancing playability and tone.

Example sentence:

The musician prefers a floating bridge on his guitar as it allows him to experiment with different string heights.

4. Adjective - Local:

In certain contexts, "floating bridge" can refer to a historical or geographical location, such as a specific bridge that holds cultural or local significance.

Example sentence:

The tourists flocked to the charming town to visit the picturesque floating bridge, which is said to be over 200 years old.

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