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bateau bridge


Definitions from WordNet

Noun bateau bridge has 1 sense
  1. pontoon bridge, bateau bridge, floating bridge - a temporary bridge built over a series of pontoons
    --1 is a kind of bridge, span
    --1 has parts: pontoon

Definitions from the Web

Bateau Bridge

A bateau bridge, also known as a pontoon bridge, is a type of bridge that uses boats or floating structures to support the bridge deck and allow passage over bodies of water. These bridges are commonly used in military operations or temporary situations.


Noun - Military Usage: The military engineers quickly constructed a bateau bridge using floating pontoons to cross the river.

Noun - Temporary Structure: The construction company built a bateau bridge to facilitate the transportation of heavy machinery across the temporary river crossing.

Verb - To Create a Bateau Bridge: Our team will bateau bridge the gap by utilizing floating structures to connect the two shores.

Adjective - Related to Bateau Bridge: The bateau bridge design allowed for efficient and rapid deployment during the military exercise.

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