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cover slip


Definitions from WordNet

Noun cover slip has 1 sense
  1. cover glass, cover slip - a small and very thing piece of glass used to cover the specimen on a microscope slide
    --1 is a kind of plate glass, sheet glass
    --1 is a part of slide, microscope slide

Definitions from the Web

Cover Slip


A cover slip refers to a thin, small piece of transparent material, often made of glass or plastic, that is used to cover a specimen on a microscope slide. It is commonly used in scientific research, education, and medical laboratories.


Noun - Scientific Research

In scientific research, a cover slip acts as a protective layer and prevents the specimen from being damaged during observation under a microscope.

Example Sentence: The scientist placed the cover slip over the tissue sample before examining it under the microscope.

Noun - Education

In educational settings, a cover slip is used in biology or anatomy classes to prepare microscope slides for students to observe and study different specimens.

Example Sentence: The teacher demonstrated how to properly position the specimen and attach the cover slip to the microscope slide.

Noun - Medical Laboratories

In medical laboratories, cover slips are employed to examine and analyze various samples, such as blood smears, cell cultures, or histological sections.

Example Sentence: The technician carefully placed the cover slip on top of the blood smear before examining it for abnormalities.

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