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1st-class mail


Definitions from WordNet

Noun 1st-class mail has 1 sense
  1. first class, 1st class, first-class mail, 1st-class mail, priority mail - mail that includes letters and postcards and packages sealed against inspection
    --1 is a kind of mail
    --1 has particulars: correspondence

Definitions from the Web

1st-class mail


1st-class mail refers to mail that is given high priority in terms of delivery speed and service. It is typically used for personal and business correspondence, as well as small packages and documents.


Sense 1 (Noun):

1st-class mail as a noun refers to mail that is handled with priority and receives faster delivery compared to other classes of mail.

Example Sentence:

She sent the important document via 1st-class mail to ensure it arrived quickly.

Sense 2 (Adjective):

1st-class mail as an adjective describes the quality or type of mail that is given priority in terms of delivery.

Example Sentence:

Please select the 1st-class mail option if you would like your package to be delivered swiftly.

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