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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective 1st has 1 sense
  1. first, 1st - indicating the beginning unit in a series
    Antonym: cardinal (indirect, via ordinal)

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The ordinal number indicating the position of something in a sequence.


  1. Denoting the first in order or importance.
  2. Determiner used to emphasize that someone or something surpasses all others in a particular quality or achievement.
  3. Noun used to refer to someone's best or most highly regarded work or effort.


As an ordinal number:

- This is my 1st attempt at baking a cake.

- The 1st chapter of the book was captivating.

- We met on the 1st of June.

As an adjective "1st" denoting importance:

- She won the 1st prize in the drawing competition.

- The Great Wall of China is one of the 1st wonders of the world.

As a determiner:

- She was the 1st person to finish the race.

- He is the 1st student to receive the scholarship three years in a row.

As a noun "1st" referring to someone's best or most highly regarded work:

- Mozart's Symphony No. 41, also known as the "Jupiter Symphony," is considered his 1st.

- Picasso's Guernica is regarded as one of his 1sts.

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