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worldly goods


Definitions from WordNet

Noun worldly goods has 1 sense
  1. worldly possessions, worldly belongings, worldly goods - all the property that you possess; "he left all his worldly possessions to his daughter"
    --1 is a kind of property, belongings, holding, material possession

Definitions from the Web

Worldly Goods


Noun: Material possessions or wealth that are considered valuable in the materialistic world.


  1. Common Usage:

    In everyday language, "worldly goods" refers to material possessions such as money, property, and valuable assets.

  2. Philosophical Sense:

    In a philosophical context, "worldly goods" can represent the pursuit and attachment to material wealth and possessions, often associated with the transient nature of human existence.

Sample Sentences:

  1. Common Usage:

    1. He accumulated vast amounts of worldly goods throughout his successful career.
    2. Despite having many worldly goods, she realized that true happiness comes from experiences, not possessions.
    3. The store advertised a clearance sale to attract customers looking to update their worldly goods.

  2. Philosophical Sense:

    1. The monk decided to renounce his attachment to worldly goods and live a life of simplicity.
    2. The book explores the fleeting nature of worldly goods and encourages readers to seek fulfillment beyond material possessions.
    3. She pondered the true worth of her worldly goods, questioning their impact on her overall well-being.

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