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Noun wandala has 1 sense
  1. Mandara, Wandala - a Chadic language spoken in the Mandara mountains in Cameroon; has only two vowels
    --1 is a kind of Biu-Mandara

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  1. A traditional dance originating from the West African country of Gambia.

Example Sentence: She gracefully swayed her body to the rhythm of the Wandala.


  1. Relating to or characteristic of the people or culture of Wandala, a region in Cameroon.
  2. Referring to a decorative pattern or design often found in traditional Wandala arts and crafts.

Example Sentence: The museum displayed a stunning collection of Wandala pottery.


  1. To perform the Wandala dance.
  2. To create or apply Wandala-style patterns or designs.

Example Sentence: The group gathered in the village square to Wandala throughout the night.

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