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walter ralegh


Definitions from WordNet

Noun walter ralegh has 1 sense
  1. Raleigh, Walter Raleigh, Sir Walter Raleigh, Ralegh, Walter Ralegh, Sir Walter Ralegh - English courtier (a favorite of Elizabeth I) who tried to colonize Virginia; introduced potatoes and tobacco to England (1552-1618)
    --1 is a kind of courtier; colonizer, coloniser

Definitions from the Web

Walter Ralegh

Noun: Walter Ralegh is a well-known English explorer, soldier, writer, and courtier who lived during the Elizabethan era. He was a prominent figure in the colonization of North America and is also known for his literary works.

Example sentence: Walter Ralegh's voyages to the Americas greatly contributed to the English colonization of the New World.

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