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Definitions from WordNet

Noun viaduct has 1 sense
  1. viaduct - bridge consisting of a series of arches supported by piers used to carry a road (or railroad) over a valley
    --1 is a kind of
    bridge, span

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A viaduct is a long elevated bridge or roadway that spans a valley or other low-lying area, typically consisting of a series of arches, piers, or columns.

Part of Speech


Verb (rare usage)


Sense 1:

A structure for carrying a road, railway, or canal across low-lying ground, a valley, or a river.

Sample Sentence:

The magnificent viaduct connects the two towns and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

Sense 2:

A combination of several small arches supported by columns or piers, used to carry a road or railway over a valley or another road.

Sample Sentence:

The historic stone viaduct was a remarkable example of engineering prowess, attracting tourists from far and wide.

Sense 3:

(Verb) To construct or cross over a viaduct.

Sample Sentence:

The construction crew worked tirelessly for months to viaduct the river, allowing for smoother transportation.

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