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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective unsized has 2 senses
  1. unsized - not having the surface treated or coated with sizing; "unsized paper"
  2. unsized - not fashioned to sizes; "unsized gloves; one size fits all"
    sized, eightpenny, fourpenny, ninepenny, size, sorted, threepenny

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The term "unsized" refers to something that has not been treated with size, which is a substance used for preparing surfaces, such as paper or fabric, before applying a coating or paint.

In a different context, "unsized" can also be used to describe something that lacks a predetermined or specific size or dimension.

Sample sentences:

1. The unsized fabric absorbed the paint quickly, resulting in a less vibrant color.

2. I prefer using unsized paper for my artwork, as it allows for more texture and absorbency.

3. Because the wall was left unsized, the paint did not adhere properly, causing it to peel off.

4. The unsized timber logs were cut according to the desired dimensions for the construction project.

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