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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective uninhabited has 1 sense
  1. uninhabited - not having inhabitants; not lived in; "an uninhabited island"; "gaping doors of uninhabited houses"
    inhabited, colonized, colonised, settled, haunted, occupied, tenanted, owner-occupied, peopled, populated, populous, thickly settled, underpopulated

Definitions from the Web

Term: uninhabited


Uninhabited refers to a place or area that does not have any permanent residents or occupants.

Sample Sentences:


  • The remote island in the Pacific Ocean is completely uninhabited.
  • Explorers often venture into uninhabited regions to discover unknown mysteries.


  • The government decided to uninhabit the old town due to safety concerns.
  • During winter, a number of birds uninhabit the cold regions and migrate southwards.


  • The beautiful beach is completely uninhabited, making it a peaceful getaway.
  • They embarked on an adventure through the uninhabited forest, surrounded by the sounds of nature.


  • The new settlement was built so far away that it was completely uninhabited accessible.
  • In space, the vast majority of planets are uninhabited, making finding potential life rare.

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