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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective undramatic has 1 sense
  1. undramatic - lacking dramatic force and quality; "moved with quiet force and undramatic bearing"
    dramatic, melodramatic, spectacular, hammy

Definitions from the Web

Term: undramatic


Undramatic is an adjective that refers to something lacking in theatrics or excitement. It describes situations, events, or people that are not characterized by intense emotions, suspense, or exaggerated actions.

Sample Sentences:

  1. Her presentation was undramatic, but it contained all the necessary information.
  2. The movie was praised for its subtle and undramatic portrayal of real-life events.
  3. His undramatic reaction to the news surprised everyone in the room.
  4. The play's undramatic conclusion left the audience unsatisfied.
  5. The novel's undramatic plot failed to captivate readers' attention.

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