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Definitions from WordNet

Noun turnup has 1 sense
  1. cuff, turnup - the lap consisting of a turned-back hem encircling the end of the sleeve or leg
    --1 is a kind of lap, overlap
    --1 is a part of sleeve, arm; leg
    --1 has parts: facing
    --1 has particulars: trouser cuff
    Derived form: verb turn up2

Definitions from the Web

Term: turnup


Sense 1: The act of arriving or appearing at a place or event.

Example sentence: The turnup at the party was unexpectedly high.

Sense 2: A gathering or social event, especially a lively one.

Example sentence: We had a fantastic turnup at the music festival.


Sense 1: To arrive or make an appearance at a place or event.

Example sentence: She promised to turnup for the meeting.

Sense 2: To increase in volume, intensity, or level.

Example sentence: He turnedup the volume on the stereo to enjoy his favorite song.


Sense 1: Belonging to or characteristic of the local area or community.

Example sentence: The store sells turnup merchandise that showcases the spirit of our town.

Sense 2: Popular or in-fashion; currently trending.

Example sentence: That outfit you're wearing is so turnup!

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