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trouser leg


Definitions from WordNet

Noun trouser leg has 1 sense
  1. pant leg, trouser leg - the leg of a pair of trousers
    --1 is a kind of leg
    --1 is a part of trousers, pants

Definitions from the Web

Trouser Leg


A trouser leg refers to one of the two lower parts of a pair of trousers that cover the legs from the waist to the ankle or a specific section of the leg that extends from the knee to the ankle.



  1. Please make sure the trouser legs are of equal length when tailoring the pants.
  2. His trousers had a wide leg, giving him a relaxed and comfortable fit.


  1. She decided to trouser-leg her jeans to give them a more fashionable look.
  2. They like to trouser-leg their pants to show off their stylish footwear.

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