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trestle bridge


Definitions from WordNet

Noun trestle bridge has 1 sense
  1. trestle bridge - a bridge supported by trestlework
    --1 is a kind of
    bridge, span

Definitions from the Web

Trestle Bridge


A trestle bridge is a bridge composed of a series of short, sturdy, and widely spaced vertical posts or columns, known as trestles, that support the bridge's horizontal beams or girders.


1. Noun:

a) A bridge constructed with trestles.

b) A support structure used in the construction of a large bridge, elevated roadway, or railway.


1. Popular Usage:

  • "We went for a walk under the trestle bridge that crossed the river."
  • "The trestle bridge offers a unique view of the surrounding landscape."
  • "Many tourists visit the old trestle bridge to admire its historic architecture."

2. Local Usage:

  • "The trestle bridge is an iconic landmark of our town."
  • "People gather on the trestle bridge to watch the annual fireworks display."
  • "The engineers worked tirelessly to restore the damaged trestle bridge after the storm."

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