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tough guy


Definitions from WordNet

Noun tough guy has 1 sense
  1. tough guy, plug-ugly - someone who bullies weaker people
    --1 is a kind of bully, tough, hooligan, ruffian, roughneck, rowdy, yob, yobo, yobbo
    --1 has particulars: Ted, Teddy boy

Definitions from the Web

Tough Guy


A tough guy refers to a person who is mentally or physically strong, resilient, and displays an attitude of fearlessness or stoicism.

Examples and Usage:


1. He is known as the tough guy of the neighborhood, always ready to defend others.

2. The movie's protagonist portrayed a charismatic tough guy who always gets the job done.

3. The tough guy's reputation preceded him, and people thought twice before challenging him.


1. John's tough guy image attracted many admirers.

2. The actor's portrayal of a tough guy character in the film was spot-on.

3. The coach promoted a tough guy mentality among the team to boost their performance.

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