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sewing basket


Definitions from WordNet

Noun sewing basket has 1 sense
  1. sewing basket - a workbasket in which sewing materials can be stored
    --1 is a kind of
    workbasket, workbox, workbag

Definitions from the Web

Sewing Basket

Noun: A container or storage box used for keeping sewing tools and accessories.

Example sentences:

  • I always keep my needles and threads organized in a sewing basket.
  • She found a vintage sewing basket at the thrift store.
  • My grandma's sewing basket has been passed down through generations.

Adjective: Referring to something popular or specific to a particular locality.

Example sentences:

  • The sewing basket patterns she collects are both popular and local.
  • Weaving traditional designs on fabrics is a local sewing basket art form.
  • The sewing basket techniques used by different cultures vary worldwide.

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