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sewer main


Definitions from WordNet

Noun sewer main has 1 sense
  1. sewer main, sewer line - a main in a sewage system
    --1 is a kind of main
    --1 is a part of sewage system, sewer system, sewage works

Definitions from the Web

Sewer Main


A sewer main is a large underground pipe that carries wastewater and sewage from individual buildings to a wastewater treatment plant.


Sense 1:

The main pipe in a sewer system.

Example sentence: The sewer main is clogged, causing a backup of sewage in the neighborhood.

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Sense 2:

Referring to the primary sewer line connected to a building.

Example sentence: The plumber repaired the damaged sewer main that was causing leaks in the basement.

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Sense 3:

A town or city's central sewer pipe that collects wastewater from various neighborhoods.

Example sentence: The city is planning to upgrade the sewer main to accommodate the growing population.

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Local Usage:

Sense 2 of the term "sewer main" is widely used in our local community.

Example sentence: Every building in our neighborhood has its own sewer main connecting to the main sewer line in the street.

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