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schematic drawing


Definitions from WordNet

Noun schematic drawing has 1 sense
  1. schematic, schematic drawing - diagram of an electrical or mechanical system
    --1 is a kind of diagram
    --1 has particulars: wiring diagram

Definitions from the Web

Schematic Drawing


A schematic drawing refers to a visual representation that outlines the structure or workings of a system, process, or object. It presents the essential elements and their relationships using standardized symbols and notations, enabling better understanding, analysis, and communication.

Senses and Usages

  • Noun: A diagrammatic presentation illustrating the components, connections, and functions of a system or device, typically used in engineering, electronics, and architecture.
  • Verb: To create or design a schematic drawing.

Example Sentences

  1. He studied the schematic drawing of the circuit to understand how it functioned.
  2. The architect presented a detailed schematic drawing of the building's electrical layout.
  3. Before assembling the furniture, make sure to refer to the included schematic drawing for proper alignment.
  4. She meticulously created a schematic drawing of the plumbing system for the renovation project.
  5. Our team will collaborate to produce a comprehensive schematic drawing of the new software architecture.

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