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quid pro quo


Definitions from WordNet

Noun quid pro quo has 1 sense
  1. quid pro quo, quid - something for something; that which a party receives (or is promised) in return for something he does or gives or promises
    --1 is a kind of retainer, consideration

Definitions from the Web

Quid Pro Quo


Quid pro quo refers to a reciprocal exchange or trade-off where one party gives something in return for something of equal value from the other party.


  1. Noun: A mutually beneficial arrangement or agreement.
  2. Noun: The practice of giving or receiving something for something else in return.
  3. Noun: A legal term for the exchange of goods, services, or favors.
  4. Adjective: Describing a situation where two parties agree to exchange goods, services, or favors of equal value.


Noun senses:

  1. Sense 1: The real estate developer and the local government reached a quid pro quo, where the developer would construct a park in exchange for permission to build a skyscraper.

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  2. Sense 2: The company was accused of engaging in quid pro quo with its suppliers, accepting bribes in exchange for awarding contracts.

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  3. Sense 3: In politics, quid pro quo can refer to trading endorsements or campaign contributions for political favors.

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Adjective sense:

  1. Sense 4: The judge deemed the agreement between the two parties as quid pro quo, ensuring fairness in the contractual obligations.

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